Club Coaching Announcement

It is with great pleasure that we can announce the selection of the new head coach.

The successful applicants John McMahon, Chuck and Mariska Swartz will work as a team to provide a full range of coaching services at Mission Bay.

Matt Jones will be offered a position within the team to continue to develop his reputation and coaching services he is currently providing.

For those who are interested the selection panel was made up of Angela Cathcart-James (President), Louise Hogarth (Exec member), Bruce Wickes (Club Manager), Carl Ding (Ex President) and Howard Lewis (Current President of Auckland Tennis, Life Member, Ex Exec Member, Ex President).

We received just over 30 applications, of which we interviewed eight. The field was then narrowed down to three candidates who completed a response sheet and second interview. It was a very difficult decision because any of the shortlisted applicants could have done the job well. In the end the decision came down to fit with club, and the diverse range of skills, experience and coaching services the trio can provide.

John, Chuck and Mariska have all had previous experience at Mission Bay. John was part of a very successful junior coaching program during 1999 – 2004.

Chuck and Mariska also coached here during this period. John was well known to many as the coach of the young Russian girl Tania Samadelok who won our women singles title in 2005/6 and played Caro Bowl for the Club for several years before leaving NZ. More recently John has been coaching in USA. Chuck and Mariska also have lengthy US coaching experience and have been providing the coaching program at Mitchell Park in Wellington for the last 6 years.

It is the expectation that this appointment will move coaching to a more visible position within the club by providing strong junior, weekday, holiday camp and senior coaching services. We expect these coaches to all become identities within the Club and provide a buzz that will spread the word that Mission Bay is the best Club for all the right reasons to belong to.